The effect of ACTEN® starts where others end.

A recently published study in the „Journal of Rheumatology and Arthritic Diseases“ shows that ACTEN® (Fortigel® and Fucoidan) provides an important reduction of pain when it comes to joint diseases. Therefore, ACTEN® taken as oral nutritional supplements has a significant impact as therapeutic intervention for chronic-degenerative joint alterations.

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ACTEN® – The nutritional way for prevention, protection and healing with endogenous substances.

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Food supplement with amino acids, vitamins, magnesium and zinc embedded in a unique gel matrix. Procol provides the essential nutrients to strengthen the connective tissue.

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NewO contains vitamins A, C, E, coenzyme Q10, zinc, and Traubenpolyhenole
NewO supplements containing polyphenols in gel dosage form developed for the Natural, free of preservatives and animal ingredients.

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